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Sugar Blues

Killing You Sweetly – How Sugar is Undermining Your Health


Frederick MD – October 18, 2014 – Did you know that Americans consume a whopping average of 526 cans of sugary soda per year? That’s 6,000 calories each month           (21 pounds each year!) that directly lead to obesity and diabetes. By implementing healthy alternatives, you can avoid becoming a statistic and eliminate your sugar addiction.

In just one hour, you can get unbiased, expert information by signing up for the Sugar Blues workshop hosted by Christina Murphy.

Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on another weight loss plan or fad diet. Attend this revealing workshop designed to help you break your sugar habit and you’ll be well on your way to creating a healthier lifestyle. This technique isn’t about depriving you of your favorite snacks or forcing you to eat bland diet foods. Instead, you’ll learn top tips for incorporating delicious, satisfying foods in your diet.

The first step to improving your health - and the rest of your life - begins at Dublin Roasters Coffee Shop, 1780 N Market St, Frederick MD, on Saturday October 18th 2014, at 11 am.

The Sugar Blues workshop explores the effects of sugar on your body and how you can successfully overcome it. Participants will gain a greater understanding of why we crave sweets, how sugar decreases our energy, and the cycle of sugar addiction. They will learn how to identify the hidden refined sugar in common foods and explore tasty alternatives to stay sugar-free for life.