New Years is over , time to get real!

Clear and clean food substitutes for cleansing and rejuvenation:

 This week I missed a day from being under the weather. There are times when one needs to rest and cleanse and This Monday was the day for me. So I slept and focused on getting myself back on track.

I mention this because many people do this by using Gatorade and bouillon and there are some healthy alternatives.

For instance, using a homemade bone broth instead of store bought bouillon reduces the amount of sodium and that will lower stress. Gatorade is also questionable due to corn syrup and other additives. Why not use a clear liquid that has been created with water that has been steeped in lemons and cucumbers and mint and lavender. It will have good flavor and vitamins that are good for you.

Any adventure in our lives is a great opportunity to switch out unnatural things for good clean and home grown foods and herbs.

As a person who juices and looks for ways to  feel better I just wanted to share my experience so that everyone will know there are alternatives.

Hoping this message finds you in good health.