Time & Spoons

Sense of time and how the spoon theory can effect it:

Since having to get back to the world at large since I was sick, I have noticed that a few of my friends and I work at a different pace than those around us.

It seems that multi-tasking is not so much my friend anymore. It brings me back to a theory I learned while I was in Lyme support group.

It is the spoon theory. You have 15 spoons that will represent how much energy it takes to do a task for the day. For instance, it may take 3 spoons to get out of bed in the morning.  How do you use the spoons for the rest of the day? Very eye opening to those who have limitless energy and want to understand the people they love who have illnesses.

There are some folks who might apply this to will power and others to energy levels.

I have discovered during my time with Lyme that this theory applies to both. No matter how much you will something to be, you need the energy to follow though. (Like the time I ran around chasing my grandson and then wondered why I couldn’t move to go turn the light off later that night, lol) Knowing this, you can be kind to yourself and start pacing yourself.

So, how does this all tie in with Sense of time? Well, when you have a limited amount of energy and / or will power it changes how you think about time. Is it more important to do the dishes or to get to the bank? Do you vacuum or take a nap so you can be ready for the kids after school? The choices on any given day are endless and you only have 15 spoons.

Clinging on to the “energizer bunny syndrome” just will not work and becoming at peace with that can create a happier person. We are all human and finding our own pace in a fast pace world is showing ourselves love and kindness. There is a sweetness to a moment with family or watering plants with pets nearby. Or a savoring of flavors or fragrances that once we would have breezed through.

Today is a great day to think on how many spoons you have and pace yourself. The end result will be a happier you.

With good thoughts to all,