Falling off the wagon

Falling off the wagon:

Today I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know there are times when I make some mistakes.

This past weekend I was having a longtime friend over for the weekend to spend time with our family.

We made our meals together and shared all kinds of wonderful stories and the reminiscing was amazing.

During this time, I made some bad dietary choices which caused some flare ups. From having Mini Snickers during our Rummy 500 games, (we went to 1000 because we had so much fun), to sipping on an alcoholic beverage which felt so normal. It was so natural having rolls with the soup we made together. I was enticed by the smells and oh my, I fell from grace.

I can tell now how awful the choices were for me. My limbs are feeling like lead and fiery pain is coursing through them.

As a Care coach, I tell people that living gluten free, sugar free, soy free and dairy free is very important. I also tell my clients that to fall and make choices that can hurt later is a human thing to do. It really is important though to eat clean real food and to remember the results of not doing so.  I truly tell you this from personal experience.

So, forgive this coach for being human and let me be the shining example of what to do and what not to do.  

Back to doing all the right stuff for me!