Are we Real yet? Let's roll up our sleeves!

When I was in school, I learned extensively about how to go about changing my life. Being human though I slip into old habits and need to roll my sleeves up and get real about what I need to change. I thank Institute of Integrative Nutrition everyday for this.

There is a format we used that was a circle and it was divided in 12 slices like a pie with a Heading in each one. The 12 headings are: Family, Self Love, Romantic Love, Emotional Health. Physical Health, Fitness / Exercise, Fun/ Leisure, Nutrition, Learning / Education, Spiritual growth, Social Growth and Financial growth.

After labeling each section, then put a dot in each section where you think you are at and then do a connect the dot. This will show you where you are strongest and where work will need to be done. It is personal and private and will be a chart to post up somewhere you see everyday reminding you of what your needs are.

I do this every few months and this month I need to work on quite a few things.

I hope this is helpful to all of you out there and that this article will find you in a place of success. You are all marvelous! Shine your brightest! Be good to yourselves!

Getting real and loving it,