News from a Wallflower coach

Hello everyone,

I apologize it has been a while. It has been a busy summer! Lots going on. Now that children are going back to school and adults are falling into the pattern of the new school year, I have gotten myself back on the home front.

I was talking with a friend and she reminded me I needed to get cracking on staying in contact with all of you. In the past, I have asked people what they want to know about or what topic do we want to discuss. I took a break thinking that I could await the answers. 

That is kind of not fair to you. I know it puts an awkwardness on a reader as well as on me. With this in mind, I am going to send out a message once a week. Whether it is a picture, a quote or a theme or recipe makes no difference. It will all be different and hopefully fun and informative.

I want to thank any of you who visit this site and who are a part of this journey with me. You are awesome!