Are Venison & Buffalo safe to eat?

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After returning from Raleigh NC and taking a brief rest, I am finally back to writing.
I want to thank all of you who stopped by to talk with me at my booth. It was a great joy to meet all of you!
This week’s topic is :
Venison or buffalo containing Lyme: Can you get Lyme from eating venison or Buffalo?
It is a subject that popped up during one of the workshops I did.
It is known in most medical circles that bacteria will die off when it is exposed to certain high temperatures. So cooking the meat should kill the bacteria. We talked about hard freezing but it was decided amongst the group that it was safer to say that cooking and high heat was the safest bet.
I have included a quote from A professional in the Health field for good measure.
Richard Pollack, Public Health Entomologist:
“No. A tick infected by the agent of Lyme disease may pass on the bacteria whilst it feeds on a deer. The Lyme disease bacterium, however, neither survives long nor perpetuates within the deer. Hence, the deer won't pass on the infection to another tick (unless the second (recipient) tick was simultaneously feeding right next to the donor tick. Now, can a person become infected by eating or handling the meat? Unlikely. Cooking will destroy the bacteria. The only possible means of acquiring this infection from a deer might be by having some of the bacteria enter an open wound. So, be careful while cleaning the carcass. Even then, the risks are incredibly tiny.”

I may not feel the same as the professional about blood exposure, but I do believe that high heat will kill the bacteria. I hope that this will help.
Have a wonderful week everyone!