Snow and Anger

Hello everyone,

Our first large snowfall has arrived and we are now digging out.  Or, should I say attempting to.

There are many ways to deal with the clean-up from a storm. At our house we do a little at a time, taking rests in between.

As a recuperating Chronic Lyme patient, this is easier said than done. I watched my family members shovel and felt horrible as I was not quite up to doing the things I used to do, (i.e. shovel and clean off the car).  I bundled up and attempted to do my share and exhausted myself. (Now, that was brilliant wasn’t it?)

I am still learning. Learning to be patient with myself. Learning to be more understanding. Learning to face an anger that reared its ugly head during this whole situation.

I learned I had been pushing down so much anger at my situation and I finally had to deal with it and face it. I let myself be angry, let it flow out of me and then it was all over. It left me exhausted. For those of you who understand the spoon theory, it took every spoon I had.

Whew! It was a lesson I had to learn and I am so glad I did. When you are angry, please do not push it down or hide it. (It hurts, it really does!) This is not giving you permission to hurt others for it, but face it and find out the underlying reason why, WHY, you are so angry.

It might be a situation reminds you of something from the past and it frightened you. It may be someone near you reflects a part of your personality you think, (and I say think, because it is only a perception), you see in them. It may not be complimentary.

It is much better to deal with this anger, go through it and solve the riddle in a loving and caring way. It is very healing. I feel so much better and I hope that in sharing this, others will feel better as well.

Stay warm everyone and be well,


PS: Herbs that are healing to anger are: ycopodium, clubmoss, ground pines or creeping cedars. Chamomile, Peppermint and Lavender