Wondering Times

Wondering times.

This past Sunday I did the “Lyme in Winter” event with Julia Lockett.  It was fun and noisy and lots of information was shared. Sending thanks to the crew at Dublin Roasters Coffee shop and Julia for all you do.

During the past few hours, my phone has been charging and not been very cooperative as far as communication.  I have been wondering what if we had to go back to the way things were before cell phones and other technology that we enjoy so much.

Being a Lyme patient is very much like being separated from conveniences that we think are necessary or that we take for granted. Neurological difficulties and cognitive difficulties take away ones’ abilities to communicate or move like everyone else. It is, at times, unnoticeable, but it is still there.

There is a wondering on the part of the Lyme sufferer of how to adapt to this, (which can branch off to other thoughts where you lose the original thought). Also, the caregiver or family wonders what is going on with the person who has Lyme and contemplates on how to help or navigate life in order to be there for them.

It is hard sometimes and leads to frustration on all sides.  So, this Thanksgiving remember that your family member who has Lyme is not the same anymore. For those who have Lyme, trust that the people around you have no idea what you are going through and love them. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you need any help with recipes or product suggestions for food, message me at candowithlyme2@gmail.com. I have favorite stuff and recipes I use and I am happy to share.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,