This Holiday Season

This Holiday Season

Hello everyone. It has been a very event filled fall and the adventures have not stopped yet!

We are now heading into the Holiday season and whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa or Chanukah, it can get overwhelming at times.

I have written before about how having an invisible disease is hard. It is especially difficult during the Holidays because people around you may forget you are sick and remember how you used to be.

Expectations of yourself can be an emotional roller coaster and create an added stress that is not necessary. Here are some tips to not lose yourself to the Holiday stresses:

1.       Be kind to yourself.

2.       Set boundaries for yourself

3.       Set times for you to rest

4.       Remind others of the things you need to function well.

5.       Turn on some music to bring you joy. Create a playlist for each emotion. It will relieve your stress. Listen to the music so it can let the emotion flow out of you

So, what do you listen to?

Do you have a favorite playlist?  Share your playlist with us, let’s have fun discussing this!

Here’s to hoping we all have a great holiday and fill our lives with love and music!

PS   I want to thank Ric for his brilliant input for this newsletter!