Does Lyme disease cause indecisiveness?

How often does one hear, “I don’t know? “I can’t decide”, or “I can’t seem to make a decision!”?

This can be an ever present problem when having an illness like Lyme disease and it is very repetitive.

Just like the studies on Alzheimer’s, it has been found to compromise the neurofibers of the brain as well as slowly degenerate the vascular system present in brain tissue. (Those little veins that deliver the blood with oxygen so necessary for brain function.

With this happening the spirochetes will cause neuroinflammation and can travel in the cerebrospinal fluid. One of the spirochetes favorite hang outs is the hippocampus and the second favorite is the frontal cortex.

Many times family, caregivers and friends can’t understand why a person or family member with Lyme disease cannot make a decision. It is absolutely frustrating to see the blank looks and lack of verbal recognition and will get completely frustrated or upset and not know how to deal with this.

This is normal human behavior of person who has not suffered these symptoms.

So everyone will know, it is just as frustrating or worse for the person who has Lyme. The patient is dealing with an internal anger at the loss of ability to communicate on top of being unable to placate the person helping them. How does this become remedied?

Well, imagine your brain being swollen and hurt in a similar fashion as a sprained knee or ankle. It is similar, (but not the same). The brain is dealing with inflammation and damage and response time is very different for each patient due to different biochemistries.

So if you hear a Lyme patient say I don’t know or responds with a blank indecisiveness it is because of the spirochetes having affected the brain. If you need to know more, have a look at sites like: or

The more you know the better you can understand the effects of Lyme disease.