Preparing for a Tick filled Spring

Preparing for a tick filled spring:

It's not just ticks either! Fleas, mites, flies, horse flies and other biting bugs, ( and a type of lizard in the west!).
 This winter was a mild winter. Mild winters allow vectors to reproduce instead of going dormant meaning that there will be an increase in tick, mosquito and other vectors populations.
Spring, summer and fall will be filled with these lovely creatures and it is important to prepare for safety.
Here is a simple list of things to do to protect yourself from bites during this season:
Wear bright colors. You will be able to see ticks better against a white or bright background.
Treat clothes with permethrin or purchase clothes from companies like,  and .  
Insectshield even offers to treat your own clothes. I treat my own before I know I am going somewhere outdoors for a while or away for a camping trip. Spray your clothes and hang them to dry and this will last for about 4-5 washes.
Wear head covering. Wear pants with the bottoms tucked into socks. Wear shoes. I started to get the old cammo with boots look fashion statement going to be fashionable.
When outdoors, stay on paths and do not stray in tall grasses. Avoid woodpiles and exploring bushes.
You can wear your favorite bug repellant or make a homemade repellant out of lemongrass and eucalyptus oils with water and put in a spray bottle. I like wearing cedar wood, but the verdict is mixed on that. Oils available here:
When returning home from an event, do a tick check and be sure to take extra care to check places like underarms, behind the knees, area where legs meet the torso or otherwise known as personal areas. Ticks love dark, humid and hair.  Check twice and get a good shower.  If you can have a buddy do a check for you.
Call your doctor if you get a fever, feel like you have the flu or get a rash.  Know what the ticks look like.
Prevention is key. Life can be fun and even getting ready for life can be made fun. Life is a great adventure and a little preparation can make the adventure last a long time!