Back from Festival of Legends

Back from a great Event:

                This past weekend I was a participant at Festival of Legends. There was wind and sun and beautiful people. Lots of Lyme Awareness and donations to send to Igenex. (and possibly another Lyme based organization.)

Being a Wellness Advocate for Lyme patients is my calling and people who had visited me last year returned and told me that the advice I gave them worked wonderfully. Just knowing the information I gave was helpful to someone means a job well done.

Going out in public and teaching about what Lyme is and how to, (hopefully), prevent it can be a lonely and frightening proposition. There are so many responses to my opening discussion on how to prevent Lyme.

I became so frustrated to hear someone tell me they had that and they’d walk away. The other thing I heard was this: a doctor told a Mom that her and her children experiencing an allergy to ticks. No matter what I said, she backs her doctor up. I worry about the lack of medical information available to people and their doctors. (I say this because doctors, due to one reason or another, are not aware of symptoms or proper protocols. If they ask, send them to the ILADS guidelines at .

So many people were surprised to learn only 20% of people get the bulls eye rash. The testing accuracy numbers or how the Western blot is read is another major mystery. Then there is the incubation time for the bacteria itself when a person gets bit by a tick.

For the sake of information, the Western Blot, if read accurately, can be up to 89% accurate.

 The incubation period is 7 days. The cycle will go from introduction of the bacteria at the bite to procreation within the blood stream to creation of biofilms to protect the bacteria as it travels through the blood stream. Most sites will say the gestation period is 3 – 30 days. I say the sooner you get checked the better it off you will be.

Knowing this, it is crucial to get the tick tested, immediately go to the doctor and to ask for initial treatment to err on the side of caution. For those folks who use essential oils, use oregano oil on the bite site after the tick is removed. (so the oregano oil does not burn, blend with a bit of coconut oil or olive oil to soften the burn effect.)

It was wonderful to meet people that understood the challenges and gladly donated to send money to organizations that do research, education and support the Lyme community.  I met many wonderful people and was so happy to be able to be out there and give information.

Thank you for letting me be of assistance.