As this page is for my friends and family, I am going to update folks on projects I am working on.

I am attempting to do better marketing on Embracing Healing. I know I have not been fantastic at marketing, but I am giving it a go.

Next book on the list is in the works. More news later.

Working on a curriculum / syllabus with dear friend Kate Smith Ridgely for Lyme Caretaker certification. We hope to have that ready soon.

Submitting a syllabus to FCC for Lyme Education again.

Starting soon, I will be back to sporting oil education.

So much to do , so little time. It will all happen. Check here or on the Can Do With Lyme LLC page .

My work is my passion. Anytime you feel I have done well, please leave a comment. The more folks read how you feel about my abilities, the more likely I will stay in business.

Thank you all and have a fantastic holiday weekend.