Support Groups: Helping deal with pain, stress, fear, loneliness and isolation.

I had a different newsletter for this week but found myself writing this today.

As I sit here waiting for people to come to the coffee shop to talk about Lyme, I think of days I have sat alone or had a filled room.

 I am here every Wednesday and invite anyone who is able to come, to come and talk. No topic is too big or small and all of it matters.

We are all affected by Lyme disease one way or another.  It can be by being a patient, being a caregiver, parent, family member or the physician who treats Lyme patients Every aspect of this disease is important to talk about especially when so few people will talk about it.

So many times I have offered information about Lyme to people who quickly say, “had that” and they quickly walk away like they can’t get away fast enough. I am left stunned.  It really makes me question myself.  Is being available every week for people to get answers to questions or to share information a good thing? Am I doing the right thing?

Yes. It is important. We all need to share what we know, what we have experienced so that others that come after us may learn. Lyme disease has been prevalent for many years. It is finally getting a foot hold of attention after forty some years of struggling patients and groups fighting like crazy.

The more these groups band together and become united, the better it will be. That comes back to support. Supporting each other, supporting people who feel they are alone. Joining in conversation with each other. Gathering together to talk about Lyme and its’ effects on home, work and family.

Let’s talk, comfort each other, give each other information, be informed and find those that feel isolated and let them know they are not alone. Let’s start getting mission statements in our churches to help the housebound Lyme patients and show them they are not forgotten. They are loved, not shunned.

Let us help each other to deal with the pain, stress, depression, fear, the sense of loneliness and isolation that this disease causes.

Much love,