Are Essential Oils Supportive for healing?

Oils and enhancing healing for Lyme:

There was a time when breathing in the fragrance of camphor and eucalyptus was an essential thing in Grandma’s house in order to relieve the symptoms of a cold. Who can say whether it was the comfort of the steam or the essential oils from the plants themselves that felt so healing.

In the same token, there are essential oils that have been said to be very beneficial in the healing journey of Lyme disease. The familiar scent of Lavender is very soothing and calming. Can this be helpful? I do believe so. Lavender itself has been used for centuries by ancient cultures as a muscle relaxant, sleep aide and for its other healing properties.

With Lyme disease having so many different presentations in myriads of patients, Oils can be beneficial to soothe patients where mostly needed. One person may have heart fluxes and need something calming in the environment they are in like Lavender and Roman Chamomile. Another person may have focus issues and want the smell of Wild Orange or Peppermint in the air.

There have been some studies that have shown that healing can occur when oils have been introduced as a support modality. In other research specific oils have been found to bind to bio films and dissolve them.* Can this be beneficial in some circumstances? Surely it can be.

I find it fascinating that essential oils have been used in different cultures since the BCE eras. With that kind of staying power and dependability it makes me wonder what other wonderful things essential oils can do. In my own home I have used certain oils in a diffuser to give me comfort during a stressing time or freshen my living environment. It is proven that certain pests are repelled by mint which means they will not be bringing unwanted vectors into the house. (Like ticks or mosquitoes).

As a Head Gardener for a museum, I also understood from my research and education that Comfrey was used to reduce inflammation and was kept in most Colonial gardens as part of the family pharmacy. I do believe that there are other plants whose essences have been scientifically proven to be beneficial.

If ever there were a time to make use of all of God’s pharmacy, now is the time. When going for a protocol for healing Lyme consider having oils support you. If you want to know more, please contact me at or contact your local doTerra representative. doTerra’s grade quality is of the purest grade I know of and the reps are very knowledgeable.

(do Terra is only one company that sells oils of this nature. If there is a company you prefer, fantastic! Definitely check them out and make sure whatever company you go with has a pure grade oils measured from an outside source.)


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