Back from Bless The Woods 6

Hello All,

Just got back from doing the “Bless the Woods 6 “Concert in Fairplay MD.

My partner in Can Do With Lyme LLC, Adrian VanKeuren runs a fundraiser / Awareness booth at the event and she is fantastic to work for and with.

We saw many people who have been exposed to ticks in varying ways and possibly have Lyme but were just uncertain.  I will put a list here of possible ways to tell the symptoms

1.       If you can’t breathe

2.       If your heart and chest hurt beyond reason

3.       If one of your limbs turn purple

4.       If pain and numbness of limbs occur without cause

5.       If you black out for no reason

6.       If you have sudden vision changes

7.       If for no reason you cannot walk

8.       Seizures for no reason

9.       Severe headache with numbness following it

10.   Localized severe swelling or limb or joints get hard

Bottom line is if anything occurs that is surprising and different from the symptoms you may have any normal day, go get tested and put in your file that anytime you get bloodwork done you want a Lyme test. As a patient, you have the right to get the test.

For the fella that lives in his van, Use the bug balm regularly.

For the musician from “Sun and Rain”, for the issue we talked about, experiment with what foods bother you. Eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and nightshade free is very helpful. If you need anything give me a jingle or message.

Sad announcement: We will not be at Frederick Pride this year. There was a mix up in paper work. I will miss the event terribly. Please, any of you that go, have fun for us.

For all of you, keep in touch with Adrian and me so we can be of service to you. We are in a time when all of us need to be aware and conscious of this problem. It is the responsibility of all of us to bond together and do what we can to help our community. This disease not only affects us but affects the future of the Human race. It is time to drop all agendas and work united.

Well, off to have some salad. Thanks for reading.