A Day in the life...

     Part of understanding Lyme disease and it’s co infections is to approach education not just from the science and medical perspective, but from the people affected by the disease.
     Walking through the shoes of the people with Lyme. Going through a day and feeling and seeing what they go through. So, in this spirit I am going write about one of my relapses. Relapses happen from time to time due to stress, not staying on protocol, exposure to mold and many more issues. It can happen to any patient at any time after remission.
     I had made plans to go to a festival. I was so excited because some friends I know do this event and there is a wide variety of people who go there. I also had mistakenly thought it was closer than it was. (I thought it was a town 45 minutes from me versus the town it was which was 2 hours and forty-five minutes away.
     I packed everything even though I was feeling off, I figured I would take my time and ask my husband if we might go together so he will drive.
     Next morning, I woke up with a family of cicadas yelling in my ears, pain screaming through my head and a rash searing my belly with pain and an insatiable itch radiating down to my knees. I crawled out of bed and got downstairs to feed the dogs. I put an oil blend for migraines on my head and back of my neck, pulled myself up by the counter and put a pack of ice on my neck.
     I let the dogs out, moved around holding the walls and pulled out some ready made jello, my med packs and migraine medicine. Put everything on the table, sat down and ate then took my medicines. I messaged my friends to say I will see them after my medicine took effect.
I let the dogs back in and sat loving on them while I waited for the meds to take effect. Soon the buzzing in my ears settled down and the pain in my head eased a bit. My throat became thick and it was hard to swallow because of the medicine but I am accustomed to such things.
     I got up moved towards upstairs walking in crooked directions but I was moving, so I went and got dressed.
     My husband and I had a cup of coffee together as we talked about the day. He pointed out to me I had made a mistake about how far the event was and asked if I felt up to going. At the time, I felt maybe I could so I asked him if we can go to the store to get my dandelion tea as a test run.
We went to the store and as time went on where my clothing touched my rash, my skin was on fire with pain and itching, my head was light and I weaved back and forth while walking and then when sitting I felt like I was still weaving. My husband and I talked about my symptoms and expressed concern. I was going to be head strong because I want to see my friends, I want to hand out my business cards, I want to get my work done, but I noticed how gentle my husband’s words were.
     Common sense won over stubbornness. As I called my friends to tell them I would not make it, tears streamed down my face the sun was beautiful, the breezes amazing and all I felt was physical and mental pain as the itching and burning seared down to my legs. Clearing up the symptoms will take time but the inability to see my friends, enjoy a beautiful day really pissed me off.
     The rest of my day was filled with resting, being with the dogs and family, detoxing and medication. I did get to sit on the front porch for a while and quieted my anger with deep breathing and knowing I will be back up and around to drive my family nuts eventually. (The thought makes me smile).
     And that was my day. Itchy, painful and uncomfortable. As a health coach, I know all the things to do to get better and I apply what I need for my symptoms. The symptoms are ever changing and it takes time to remedy them. As a person, the time it takes to heal properly and the complete faith believing I will is the hardest practice to stick with. If you ever worry about do I practice what I preach, I do. Every day. It is my life.
Wishing you joy and love,