Newsletter and welcome:

Hi everyone,

I am just coming back from a fun filled 2 months of education events.

Thank you so much for those of you who signed up for more information. A special thanks to those of you who have been with me along the adventure. Your support and love are what keep me going.

I want to let all of you know how important you are to me. There are so many people unaware of how devastating Lyme disease can be and you are not alone in your experiences. We all have different paths of experience, but we can help each other.

So, the schedule coming up will be like this:

Every second Wednesday of the month, I will be at Dublin Roasters Coffee Shop from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm to have a support circle.

Every third Tuesday of the month I will hold an evening Support Circle at Sacred Space Holistic from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Quarterly in the year I will have a Navigating Lyme class to help with the lumps and bumps of living with Lyme disease and other co infections. Next class is on August 27,2019, Tuesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. This is by reservation only, so call and make your reservations soon.

Starting in August I will be having topics we can discuss in our Circles. I will invite people to share how different modalities of healing can help and have speakers or make or take experiences we can share. If there is any topic you are most interested in, please let me know.

This week I will be taking a step back and doing some healing work for myself. Between doing events, having family events and having other adventures, I need rest. I am not one who usually does this, but as I want all of you to know it is imperative to take good care of yourselves, I live as an example.

In the past few weeks it came to my attention how little people know how this disease affects me. Some of the dearest people in my life have no idea and it puzzles me. Did I not explain the experience correctly? Is my ability to articulate so truly compromised? Is there just no concept because I look so “normal”?

I ask myself,” How can I effectively help others and protect future generations if I cannot get my friends and family to understand the whole picture of this disease and it’s co infections?” Perhaps we will muddle through this together. As a Lyme community and family let’s help each other, partner together and unite to one consolidated effort.

Okay, I must go rest now so I can clean up the table later. Love you guys.

Be good to yourselves,