July News: Tick Testing

Missing information:

Recently I was writing to a friend about the proper way to remove a tick. It came to my attention when researching all the different sites with this information one important piece was missing.

Proper disposal of the tick.

The best way to handle this is by using a snack Ziploc bag, put a small piece of wet paper towel, {only use water}, in the Ziploc bag then put your name, the date and the town and state you are in on the bag. Put the tick in the bag, seal it and send to a tick testing site.


There are several sites offering tick testing. Some are free and some are not. Various Universities are doing research on what diseases are carried by ticks and what species of ticks we are seeing in our area. This research is very important.  It will help patients and the doctors they go to have an idea of what they are dealing with.

Also, with the number of ticks we have now, doctors are not equipped to check such a high volume of ticks in their offices. It is better for a patient to show up with a document stating what the tick carried to save time on knowing what treatment will be best.

Below are a few of the tick testing sites. I am proud to say my Alma Mater is in there:

Pay Sites:




Free Sites: (Claim to be free)


- https://thangamani-lab.com/free-tick-testing


One Lyme group has a good list. I tend not to favor any one group to another as I personally feel they should all be working together.


I hope this helps,

Christina Murphy