Back from Festival of Legends

Back from a great Event:

                This past weekend I was a participant at Festival of Legends. There was wind and sun and beautiful people. Lots of Lyme Awareness and donations to send to Igenex. (and possibly another Lyme based organization.)

Being a Wellness Advocate for Lyme patients is my calling and people who had visited me last year returned and told me that the advice I gave them worked wonderfully. Just knowing the information I gave was helpful to someone means a job well done.

Going out in public and teaching about what Lyme is and how to, (hopefully), prevent it can be a lonely and frightening proposition. There are so many responses to my opening discussion on how to prevent Lyme.

I became so frustrated to hear someone tell me they had that and they’d walk away. The other thing I heard was this: a doctor told a Mom that her and her children experiencing an allergy to ticks. No matter what I said, she backs her doctor up. I worry about the lack of medical information available to people and their doctors. (I say this because doctors, due to one reason or another, are not aware of symptoms or proper protocols. If they ask, send them to the ILADS guidelines at .

So many people were surprised to learn only 20% of people get the bulls eye rash. The testing accuracy numbers or how the Western blot is read is another major mystery. Then there is the incubation time for the bacteria itself when a person gets bit by a tick.

For the sake of information, the Western Blot, if read accurately, can be up to 89% accurate.

 The incubation period is 7 days. The cycle will go from introduction of the bacteria at the bite to procreation within the blood stream to creation of biofilms to protect the bacteria as it travels through the blood stream. Most sites will say the gestation period is 3 – 30 days. I say the sooner you get checked the better it off you will be.

Knowing this, it is crucial to get the tick tested, immediately go to the doctor and to ask for initial treatment to err on the side of caution. For those folks who use essential oils, use oregano oil on the bite site after the tick is removed. (so the oregano oil does not burn, blend with a bit of coconut oil or olive oil to soften the burn effect.)

It was wonderful to meet people that understood the challenges and gladly donated to send money to organizations that do research, education and support the Lyme community.  I met many wonderful people and was so happy to be able to be out there and give information.

Thank you for letting me be of assistance.






Preparing for a Tick filled Spring

Preparing for a tick filled spring:

It's not just ticks either! Fleas, mites, flies, horse flies and other biting bugs, ( and a type of lizard in the west!).
 This winter was a mild winter. Mild winters allow vectors to reproduce instead of going dormant meaning that there will be an increase in tick, mosquito and other vectors populations.
Spring, summer and fall will be filled with these lovely creatures and it is important to prepare for safety.
Here is a simple list of things to do to protect yourself from bites during this season:
Wear bright colors. You will be able to see ticks better against a white or bright background.
Treat clothes with permethrin or purchase clothes from companies like,  and .  
Insectshield even offers to treat your own clothes. I treat my own before I know I am going somewhere outdoors for a while or away for a camping trip. Spray your clothes and hang them to dry and this will last for about 4-5 washes.
Wear head covering. Wear pants with the bottoms tucked into socks. Wear shoes. I started to get the old cammo with boots look fashion statement going to be fashionable.
When outdoors, stay on paths and do not stray in tall grasses. Avoid woodpiles and exploring bushes.
You can wear your favorite bug repellant or make a homemade repellant out of lemongrass and eucalyptus oils with water and put in a spray bottle. I like wearing cedar wood, but the verdict is mixed on that. Oils available here:
When returning home from an event, do a tick check and be sure to take extra care to check places like underarms, behind the knees, area where legs meet the torso or otherwise known as personal areas. Ticks love dark, humid and hair.  Check twice and get a good shower.  If you can have a buddy do a check for you.
Call your doctor if you get a fever, feel like you have the flu or get a rash.  Know what the ticks look like.
Prevention is key. Life can be fun and even getting ready for life can be made fun. Life is a great adventure and a little preparation can make the adventure last a long time!

Does Lyme disease cause indecisiveness?

How often does one hear, “I don’t know? “I can’t decide”, or “I can’t seem to make a decision!”?

This can be an ever present problem when having an illness like Lyme disease and it is very repetitive.

Just like the studies on Alzheimer’s, it has been found to compromise the neurofibers of the brain as well as slowly degenerate the vascular system present in brain tissue. (Those little veins that deliver the blood with oxygen so necessary for brain function.

With this happening the spirochetes will cause neuroinflammation and can travel in the cerebrospinal fluid. One of the spirochetes favorite hang outs is the hippocampus and the second favorite is the frontal cortex.

Many times family, caregivers and friends can’t understand why a person or family member with Lyme disease cannot make a decision. It is absolutely frustrating to see the blank looks and lack of verbal recognition and will get completely frustrated or upset and not know how to deal with this.

This is normal human behavior of person who has not suffered these symptoms.

So everyone will know, it is just as frustrating or worse for the person who has Lyme. The patient is dealing with an internal anger at the loss of ability to communicate on top of being unable to placate the person helping them. How does this become remedied?

Well, imagine your brain being swollen and hurt in a similar fashion as a sprained knee or ankle. It is similar, (but not the same). The brain is dealing with inflammation and damage and response time is very different for each patient due to different biochemistries.

So if you hear a Lyme patient say I don’t know or responds with a blank indecisiveness it is because of the spirochetes having affected the brain. If you need to know more, have a look at sites like: or

The more you know the better you can understand the effects of Lyme disease.


New Recipe

1.       Nutty Date Breakfast:

1 cup rolled gf oats

1/3 c black walnuts, crushed

1 apple chopped, (with or without skin)

2 tbs. flax seed

2 tbs. chia seed

¼ c chopped dates

2 tbs. chopped fresh ginger

1 c pomegranate goat milk kefir

¾ c cashew milk, unsweetened

*Favorite berries*

Mix all together and let sit overnight. Measure 6 oz. into mason jars with a few of favorite berries.

Keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

Snow and Anger

Hello everyone,

Our first large snowfall has arrived and we are now digging out.  Or, should I say attempting to.

There are many ways to deal with the clean-up from a storm. At our house we do a little at a time, taking rests in between.

As a recuperating Chronic Lyme patient, this is easier said than done. I watched my family members shovel and felt horrible as I was not quite up to doing the things I used to do, (i.e. shovel and clean off the car).  I bundled up and attempted to do my share and exhausted myself. (Now, that was brilliant wasn’t it?)

I am still learning. Learning to be patient with myself. Learning to be more understanding. Learning to face an anger that reared its ugly head during this whole situation.

I learned I had been pushing down so much anger at my situation and I finally had to deal with it and face it. I let myself be angry, let it flow out of me and then it was all over. It left me exhausted. For those of you who understand the spoon theory, it took every spoon I had.

Whew! It was a lesson I had to learn and I am so glad I did. When you are angry, please do not push it down or hide it. (It hurts, it really does!) This is not giving you permission to hurt others for it, but face it and find out the underlying reason why, WHY, you are so angry.

It might be a situation reminds you of something from the past and it frightened you. It may be someone near you reflects a part of your personality you think, (and I say think, because it is only a perception), you see in them. It may not be complimentary.

It is much better to deal with this anger, go through it and solve the riddle in a loving and caring way. It is very healing. I feel so much better and I hope that in sharing this, others will feel better as well.

Stay warm everyone and be well,


PS: Herbs that are healing to anger are: ycopodium, clubmoss, ground pines or creeping cedars. Chamomile, Peppermint and Lavender


New Year News

New Year’s Day 2016

Here is hoping all of you had a happy holiday season.

 I have been thinking a lot about all the New Year’s Resolution ads I have been getting via email. Everyone is offering a program for a new you or to help with your resolutions if you buy their program.

Screw that! Sorry if that is too base for you, but I don’t think you need to pay someone to tell you to do what they want you to do. I say get information from books, try new things and call it the New Year Exploration program.

Once you know what sounds good and will work for you, try it. Integrate it into your life for 6 months to make it a subconscious practice. Then try the next thing you want to try.

For those of us with Lyme, I have put on my Facebook page some book offerings that a friend has passed on to me.  For me, I am going to make a list and cross things off as I get things done.

Nothing fancy. I am set up to publish a book and I am going to explore doing new things.

So, with that being said, I am offering folks to try out the book I am publishingwhen they sign up for being on my email list.

No strings, no money, just putting up with an occasional post or mini newsletter.

There will be new events for this year and some other fun things. Stay tuned!

Have a great 2016!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. There is so much for me to be grateful for. Meeting all of you and being a part of a community that cares deeply for each other.

During this time, I think of the Lyme patients we have lost in the Lyme community and those who do not have Caregivers that understand how deeply this disease affects patients.        

 The view of how Lyme patients are perceived can be a difficult situation for everyone involved. It is already very hard for families and caregivers especially. Caregivers are truly loved and appreciated for all that they do, but sometimes a patient can misunderstand a situation and think the people around them are not truly sick or are capable of having healthy responses.

On the other hand, there are those family members that just haven’t grasped the depth of how Lyme affects people and treat Lyme patients as if nothing is wrong with them. This is very painful for them and causes emotional damage. I have been pondering how to discuss this subject and I am baffled how to do it gently and with love for all involved.

I hope that during this time and in the month ahead when there is joy and love, many will find compromise and compassion for each other. May each of you have Listening, love and laughter on your platter as we give thanks.

Warm thoughts,