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Your participation in a health program with us will create a partnership that will ignite healthy change. We offer commitment to search for answers for our clients, seeking the most constructive solutions.

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One on One consultation: Personalized 50 minute consults twice a month which includes support, email & phone support, materials or other day to day life styles guidelines.

Group Consultation: 50 minute consult with a group of 6-8 people with the same description as above.

Workshops: Presentations with in-depth information and hand outs.

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                                       E - Classes

Curb Sugar: Discussion on how to reduce and eliminate sugar from your life . Hand outs sent via email.

Living Gluten Free: Hints, tips and recipes on how to remove and live without gluten. Learn what great foods you can create.

Living with Lyme: First hand experience shared on how to manage life with Lyme. Helpful hints hand outs emailed.

Prevention of Lyme: Tips and ideas on how to prevent Lyme.

Embracing Healing: See how changing inner thoughts through meditation can improve your healing. Great for all aspects of your life.